Dip-a-Dog S.A.
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The main philosophy behind Dip-a-Dog is the creation of a problem free
environment for pets through the provision of a professional, friendly and
caring monthly service. We can, in some ways, be seen as a 'garden
service for pets'. We strive to become the animal's newest best friend and
fill some of the gaps left by today's busy schedules. We take note of the
lack of available time for pet care in today's rushed world and offer the
owner an affordable and comprehensive service to this end. For example,
when the owner gets home from work, he finds his dogs brushed, bathed,
dipped, de-wormed (periodic), and next month's food standing in the

Primarily, this service entails monthly visits during which time the pet (dog)
is bathed and is given a tick and flea treatment. Additional services are
provided which include periodic de-worming, delivery of pet food,
provision of pet accessories, general pet advice (behaviour, nutrition,
minor ailments etc) and the provision of a holiday feeding programme. We
also provide an emergency ambulance service to assist dog owners in
transporting their pets to the nearest vet's practice. This is an emergency
assistance service and will not generally cover annual visits to the vet for
inoculations and the like. Each client's needs differ and the total package
must be tailored accordingly.

It must be pointed out that we stay clear of normal retail pet foods and
concentrate on the more exclusive premium brands. The basic reasoning
is that we do not wish to become involved in price wars with large retail
chain stores and, more importantly, nutritionally it is more beneficial for the
dog. A more in-depth discussion will be held during your training