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The basic requirement is for a prospective dealer to be comfortable with a
wide range of people.

The attached cash flow projections are to illustrate the potential of a
Dip-a-Dog dealership and that our dealers have the control in their own
economic positions. We ask that you consider that most households have, on
average, 2 dogs of which one is a large breed. Should your immediate
market area have, for instance, 5 000 houses, we are already considering an
immediate market of 10 000 dogs of which you can, realistically, only service
about 4% in any given month.

The most important aspects of the dealership agreement are highlighted

At present, the cost of a dealership amounts to R90 000. This includes:
- the provision of a mobile pet care/treatment unit (trailer);
- start up consumables;
- intensive training course;
- Regional advertising;
- first months dealership fee;
- corporate wear and
- Full and ongoing corporate support from Dip-a-Dog SA.

A monthly dealership fee is applicable from the second month
Dip-a-Dog SA will refurbish your trailer every three years as part of the rental
All consumables are to be purchased via Dip-a-Dog SA.
Dealers are required to conform to the work practice and ethic of Dip-a-Dog